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Filet vom piemontesischen Fassona-Rind - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi

Filet vom piemontesischen Fassona-Rind - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi

Filetto di Fassona 1 kg
47.09 €
Filetto di Fassona a metà circa 6 kg. circa
271.17 €
Filetto di Fassona a metà circa 3 kg. circa
132.48 €

Das Filet ist das beste und zarteste Stück des Rindes, in diesem Fall des weiblichen Fassona-Rinds. Ein Filet kann bis zu 7/8 kg wiegen. In der Gastronomie ist dieses Stück sehr beliebt.

For more than 200 years, namely since 1802, the butcher Mastra Alebardi operates "the art of the knife".

The Alebardi family can boast the title of the oldest butcher's shop of Lombardy.

The butcher Alebardi chooses only the best cattle of the Piedmontese cattle breed Fassone (females only) and breeds them using traditional methods in the countryside of Brescia and not in intensive farming. This is how healthy and succulent meat is produced with a low fat content. The animals are slaughtered in their own slaughterhouse. The two young brothers of Alebardi family take care of this production step, thanks to which customers can buy high quality products that are tender and lean at the same time.

This product is cut freshly, directly after ordering. You can choose between different offered sizes and the desired amount of pieces. The products are shipped in special boxes with dry ice, which is why freshness and integrity can be guaranteed.


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Via Nicolò Copernico 5/7
25020 Flero ( BS ) Italien
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REA: BS 534780
Gesellschaftskapital Euro 80.400,00

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